Kalidas Montessori








In the field of the Education, our society, The Kalidas society is one of the reputed and leading society in Ujjain city and is known for the moral and education that it inculcates and imbibes into students.

History of Kalidas

The History of Kalidas Montessori dates back to September 18th, 1960. This temple of learning was built brick by brick and its traditions year by year. The tiny seed which was sown in 1960 has grown into a mighty tree now.Nurturing the young saplings for 53 years and it was not easy, but parents and the staff stood by us and lent a helping hand to complete the task.In the span of 53 years, thousands of students have joyously spent their best years here.Today the people of Ujjain are proud of Kalidas school and every student who passed out of the portals of Kalidas school gives witness to this. Kalidas School has rendered and is still rendering Yeoman Service in the educational field in Ujjain by endeavoring to give the best to its students in their early formatting years. Our students have been doing wonderfully well in the board exams and various competitive exam as well. We are proud of them. But we don’t consider as the only aim of the educational’s life at school we aim at unraveling human and spiritual excellence along with intellectual and academic excellence. Our School earnest hope is to maintain its objective of imparting a socially oriented education in upcoming years also, and we would like to unravel human excellence, not merely academic excellence.