Our Vision

“We here nurture the inherent divinity & talent of child, leading to the emergence of a fully integrated individual. “

Our Mission

  • Our mission is not only imparting the knowledge from text books but also foster a spirit of self enquiry.
  • To acquire knowledge not only from outer world but also of the inner world of the self, resulting in self knowledge.
  • To facilitate, creating perfect conditions for the individual to find his/her own way, allowing the bloom of the integrated and complete individual. This completeness is unique to each and every individual.
  • To aware that a civilization cannot rise out of a skeleton of ideas and abstract concepts.
  • To find a concrete shape in the practical behavior of a school like ours, based on the principles and concepts.
  • To bring about a positive change in the overall behavior of the students by leading them to a lofty character and exemplary morals.
  • To contribute new dimensions to the world of education.
  • To inculcate qualities of discipline, hard-work, team-spirit, scientific temper and love for learning for overall development of the youth.