Advisory Board
(Kalidas Montessori Society)

Each branch of the institution has one Principal/Director/Administrator, as applicable, who work under the valuable guidance of the management and the advisory board. He / She is assisted by the heads of different departments, Office inCharge, Unit incharge and Central office Employees. For Total Quality Management, each branch of the Institute has a Quality Cell in conformity with the concerned affiliating body, working in consonance with the Management, Advisory Board, Directors, Principals and co-coordinators.
Advisory Board
The Institution has an advisory board which continues to provide vision and guidance for future growth. The Management regularly reviews policies and enhances the Advisory Board. The members selected are eminent educationists, leading industrialists and renowned citizens of the society. The active involvement of these luminaries combined with their vision help in developing AES as a dynamic and vibrant Institution.
Mr.Manaklal Giriya   (The  President)

Mr. Rajendra Kothari   (The  Secretary)

Mr. Rajendra Kumar Jain  (Joint Secretary)

Dr. Yashwant Jain  (Add. Joint Secretary)

Mr. Virendra Laddha  (Member)

Mr. Sanjay Mehta  (Member)

Mr. Dinesh Chandra Shah   (Member)

Mr. G.K. Patni   (Member)


Heads of the Institutes

 The Principal   (Dr. Manoshi Dey)

 The H.M.   (Dr. Mayura Rao)