Kalidas Montessori School is moving ahead in its journey of educational excellence with its glorious past and envisioned future. The school is committed for quality based education.

Our teachers primarily attach importance to over all development of learners. They pay sincere, individual attention for strengthening knowledge base enhancing skill potential and nurturing values of our young generation. The school has built a strong value based culture which was developed on the basis of its past 53 years of teacher-learner relationship.

Adherence to academic calendar regular interaction and feedback with parents updated curricula, skill up gradation, personality development etc. are the basic tenets of our learner centric education philosophy.

We had envisioned our distinct philosophy of learner based education system keeping in mind the ever changing environment of liberalization, globalization and privatisation. We are constantly upgrading ourselves to promote and strengthen all the requisite skills required for the learners in the years to come.

I have the joy of nurturing the young learners for more than twenty years in this school. We are continuously receiving the kind co-operation and support from all segments of the society in rendering this yeomen service.